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Are you looking for an excellent ceiling fan to put in your home? Installing ceiling fans is a good idea since these can provide efficient cooling and heating for your home. Harbor Breeze ceiling fans, in particular, are a great choice.

The Harbor Breeze company is actually Litex Industries, which also manufactures ceiling fans under other brand names. Harbor Breeze is the in-store brand for Lowe’s, one of the leading chains of home improvement stores in the US.

Harbor Breeze ceiling fanOn this site, you will learn more about the company as well as other helpful information about Harbor Breeze ceiling fans, such as tips on how to choose the best Harbor Breeze fan for your home and buying Harbor Breeze ceiling fan replacement parts and accessories.

Why Get A Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan?

Getting a Harbor Breeze fan is a good idea for six reasons, namely:

1.) Harbor Breeze fans are very affordable.

In general, ceiling fan prices range from $50 to $500. If you decide to go with Harbor Breeze, though, for less than $100, you can already get a good 52-inch, five-bladed ceiling fan with a light kit and even a remote control.

2.) Most Harbor Breeze ceiling fans have a reversible motor.

As mentioned earlier, most ceiling fans can provide heating and cooling. To do this, they need a reversible motor, and that is exactly what a majority of Harbor Breeze fans come equipped with. By spinning in the opposite direction, a ceiling fan can reverse the airflow, so it can be useful all year long, during both cold and warm weather.

3.) There are many Harbor Breeze ceiling fan styles to choose from.

Harbor Breeze fans are not just efficient, but also stylish. There are traditional and contemporary ceiling fans to choose from to suit both classic and modern homes. There are also tropical designs, as well as ceiling fans designed for indoor use and others that are approved for use outdoors.

4.) Many Harbor Breeze fans are Energy Star-rated.

More than a dozen Harbor Breeze fans have the Energy Star logo, which means they are very energy-efficient, maximizing your savings in comparison to what you would spend if you used an air conditioner or heater instead.

5.) Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are easy to install.

Every package of Harbor Breeze fan you purchase comes with everything you need to install your ceiling fan, although sometimes, you may need a longer downrod or a slope adapter that is sold separately. The Harbor Breeze fan manual is simple and easy to read, as well.

Also, if you need more detailed instructions, all you have to do is ask a Lowe’s store representative and you will be guided accordingly.

6.) Harbor Breeze fan parts are easy to find.

If ever you are in need of any Harbor Breeze fan replacement part, such as fan blades, downrods or pull chains, or want to buy accessories like a Harbor Breeze light kit or a Harbor Breeze fan remote, you simply have to go to the Lowe’s store nearest you. Lowe’s has nearly 1,200 stores all over the United States and parts can be ordered online, as well.

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