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Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Common Problems

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Q – Why does my Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan wobble when I turn it on?
A – This is a very common problem with ceiling fans. Usually no replacement parts or instruction manual is needed to fix this issue. Simply grab a screw driver and tighten up every screw you can find, this should solve problem.

Q – What size ceiling fan should I buy for my room?
A – This is not an easy answer as every room is shaped differently. Depending on the air flow, part of the country you live in, and how many people will be using the room regularly you may have different answers. But here are some basic rules of thumb:

10 ft x 10 ft room = Fans from 36″ to 48″
12 ft x 12 ft room = Fans from 49″ to 55″
14 ft x 14 ft room = Fans from 56″ to 60′
16 ft x 16 ft room = Fans from 72′ and larger

Q – Why does my ceiling fan move slowly on all speeds?
A – You will most likely need to change your capicitor

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Q – Can I use replacement parts from another brand, such as Hampton Bay, on my Harbor Breeze Fan?br />
A – Possibly, there really isn’t any way to know with certainty until you have the part in front of you and you try it out.

Q – What is the Lowe’s Customer Service phone number for Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan related questions or problems?
A – 1-800-555-1212

Q – What length downrod should I buy for my ceiling fan?
A – The general rule of what length downrod to purchase is as follows: 9 ft ceiling = 12″ downrod, 10 ft ceiling = 18″ downrod, 11 ft ceiling = 24″ downrod, 12 ft ceiling = 36″ downrod, 13 ft ceiling = 48″ downrod, 14 ft ceiling = 60″ downrod, 15 ft ceiling = 72″ downrod.

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