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The Harbor Breeze Fan Company

Do you want to know more about the makers of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans?

Learning about a ceiling fan company, especially its history and goals, can help you decide whether or not you want to go with its products, so wanting to know about the Harbor Breeze company is actually a good thing.

There is not much information about the Harbor Breeze Fan Company, though, mainly because Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are made by another company – Litex Industries, which is one of the largest ceiling fan companies in the industry.

Founded in 1980, Litex Industries focuses on designing and manufacturing high quality ceiling fans and light fixtures, which are supplied to various contractors in the United States. The company headquarters are in Grand Prairie, Texas while the company also has a 290,000 square foot warehouse in Dallas.

Harbor Breeze is the brand name of the ceiling fans that Litex manufactures exclusively for Lowe’s Companies Inc. Founded in 1946, Lowe’s is the second largest chain of home improvement stores (Home Depot with their comparable line of ceiling fans, Hampton Bay would be the largest) in the United States, as well as in the whole world, with over 1,700 stores. While Lowe’s also carries other ceiling fan brands, namely Monte Carlo and Hunter, Harbor Breeze is its exclusive, in-store brand, which is why Harbor Breeze fans are not sold elsewhere.

Aside from the Harbor Breeze ceiling fans, Litex is also the company behind the Ellington Fans, the Aloha Breeze fans and of course, the Litex ceiling fans.

Recently, Litex has made a move to acquire shares from Craftmade, as well. Craftmade is another popular ceiling fan brand, known for its stylish and sometimes unique products.

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